I haven’t felt much like writing. I have been busy, and my mind has been otherwise occupied. Therefore, I have opted to mostly just upload some photos this time around, I hope you enjoy.

This is Chef Made, my co-chef. He is a power house of knowledge and skill. Just look at him texting and holding on to those fresh daikon and carrots. We went to visit the organic farm we will use most often for our restaurant. We got a tour of the farm, set on a mountain side in the middle of jungle. You can’t tell so much from the pictures, but all of the different plants just climbed all over each other and mixed together, creating a very Bali-like kind of beautiful chaos. More shots:

This is a volcanic lake up in Bedugal, which is the prime center of agriculture in Bali. We passed it by on our way to and from the farms we visited. Up in Bedugal is the only time I have ever felt cold in Bali. It is beautiful up there, and the road is lined with monkeys just hanging out. I didn’t manage to snap any good photos of them from the car, but I got this cool photo of the volcano shrouded in cloud cover…

And this is what real shade grown coffee looks like, hanging out in the middle of the jungle…

….and this is an organic oyster mushroom grow house…

…these orchids grow out of a tree near my house. And that will have to be all of the pics for today, as I am out of space here. To be continued tomorrow….



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  1. your “shade grown coffee in the middle of the jungle” image….

    hello. my name is leanne. i am a photography student at austin community college. i have an assignment in one of my portrait classes, and i need your help! i have to take a picture in studio, and then use my photoshop skills to glue it into a background. i chose to shoot a young woman holding a boa constrictor (cool, right!?!). i need a jungle like image to paste her into. your coffee image would work perfectly. i would like to ask if you would allow me the right to use that image for this assignment. i would have to print my image to a 16×20 and make it available for the print show at the end of the semester. chances are it would not get picked, but i would love to hope that it might be a winner, in which case, it could be displayed on the walls of the campus or used in next year’s promotional ads for the print show. really, that is a long shot. i have never won an award at this show, but i would like to let you know all the possibilities that sharing these rights with me might entail. really, it will probably just end with my teacher and a large print. but you never know… 🙂

    could you please allow me to use your print for my collage? i would be so grateful!

    thank you,
    leanne brawner

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